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Scott Francis Baker

February 4th, 2001

(no subject) @ 10:50 pm

What if there really was no God. What if in 400 years there were amazing technological advances, to the point that could cure almost every known disease with a wave of your hand. What if we had the ability to manifest matter from thin air. What if we perfected time travel.

It would be feasibly possible to go back in time and "be" Jesus. The question begs, do you do it? If you say yes then you're essentially denouncing God. If you say yes, then you could back in time and inspire centuries of people to live a more pious life. Could you make the decision?
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Date:February 5th, 2001 10:09 am (UTC)

so basically.. the paradoxes of everyday existence aren't already enough for u ;)

forget about God in the equation.. if time travel were possible you'd have to ask even more fundamental questions.. [heheh more fundamental than God.. well, maybe i should have said 'more immediate']

life and death would become arbitrary.. you could always bring someone back from the moment before they died.. you could do that molecule by molecule (or cell-by-cell) on a regular basis in order to prevent aging..

eating wouldn't be necesary either because of the cell/molecule shifting..

the whole concept of progress or progression or development would cease to exist.. because you could always travel forward and bring newer technology back with you.

information transmission would take zero time.. and processors would have infinite computing power.(they could pop elsewhere in time till they finished computing then pop back to now and give you an immediate result.. or a result before you posed the question/problem ?
you could potentially network a computer with past and future instances of itself possibly creating AI (given enough nodes (of itself, all allowed to have different states))... then you would have to question consciousness..

depending on the state of the existence of the multiverse, you could wake up everymorning to a different society/race/planet/universe?.. or perhaps some mornings not wake up at all.. but then wake up again later on?? [someone kills your grandmother as a child. but then your friend goes back and saves your grandmother's life] .. so are you or aren't you a product of your predecessors?
are you even a product of your chemical make-up?

it comes down to the question: could we comprehend existence in a non-directional non-static time..ie. completely fluid time?

wait.. wouldn't time travel violate the laws of thermodynamics??

so you'd be back to 'do i exist?' or 'could i exist?' forgetting entirely 'does god exist?'

[on a more critical note: if you go back in time and inspire people to be more pious you are only denouncing the existence of jesus and christianity.. of course given your argument u could try to rephrase it for any other religion.. but only for religions that started with a single individual--or those that have a clear origin. but try and eliminate the 'concept' of a God in your model..and you still have to figure out where the concept started..if it started at all, if it is not an inherent drive/instinct within man??]
(wow sorry for the monster comment)

Scott Francis Baker