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Scott Francis Baker

January 28th, 2001

(no subject) @ 09:13 pm

Just got home from the Mudbowl. Got up early (8:30am) this morning to head to my dads house so we could cruise down to East Moreland park and play in the mudbowl. The mudbowl is just a little football game we play here in Oregon on Superbowl Sunday, we call it the mudbowl because it's usually muddy. Today wasn't too bad. We had twelve guys out playing, it was a good time.

After that we went back to Mark's house to watch the Superbowl and play some poker. My grandpa took about $7 dollars of mine. Superbowl sucked, commericials were ok. After that we went in the hottub and then I came home. I'm tired and sore. Ready for bed. I'm gonna brush my teeth and watch a little Monty Python before I hit the hay.
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Scott Francis Baker