Scott Francis Baker (muerte) wrote,
Scott Francis Baker

I was having a discussion with my father the other night about being passionate. What am I as a person passionate about? What do I believe in?

I've told a couple people that I would never move anywhere for a job. I always told myself that I have too much at stake here, all my friends, all my family, etc. What could a job possibly offer me that would make me want to leave that? Angie said she would move to Bend for a job. I told her she was crazy.

I don't think any money could lure me away. I don't think any one company could lure me away from here. I do think an idea could however. I thought some more about this on my way to school today. If I had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented passionate people, I'd move. I'd leave everything I have here to go work. I'd put my house, school, everything on hold if something really grabbed me.

I was thinking about LiveJournal. If Brad called me up and said, "Scott I'm gonna start doing LiveJournal full time and I want you to come work for me." I'd do it. I'd do it and take a pay cut even. I'd do it because I believe in the cause, I believe it can be successful, I believe in the people. There are not a lot of things I can say that about in this world. The way things are coming together lately I'm really impressed.

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