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Scott Francis Baker

January 12th, 2001

(no subject) @ 06:30 pm

I just got home from having a beer with some co-workers after lunch. I got a free beer on Jarboe's tonight I guess. By the time I got there everyone else had been there a while and already paid. She asked if I wanted anything, I had a beer and never heard back from her. Oh well!

Side Note: None of my co-workers could believe that Isaac was only 18.
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Date:January 13th, 2001 12:41 am (UTC)
How old did they think I was?
I bet I could have gotten in there and drank some beer and nobody would have been the wiser.
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Date:January 13th, 2001 01:20 am (UTC)


They didn't card me, so I doubt they would have carded you. Hell, they didn't even charge me for the beer!

Scott Francis Baker