November 19th, 2007


Busy weekend

Looking back on the weekend I did more than I thought I did.

I spent most of Saturday thawing and de-icing the freezer in my garage. I had no idea we had enough meat to last us through the apocalypse. While the ice was melting I swapped out a light switch in the office. Now instead of a dimmer switch it's a plain on/off switch. It took me a while to figure out the wiring (three wires?) but I got it done. Lastly I took down a towel rack in the bathroom and repaired some holes in wall, replaced the screws with molly screws, and repainted the whole wall to cover up the bad texture job I did the first time. Oh I guess I cleaned up and organized all the bulk cables in my office as well.

If I can remember tonight I'll replace the coat rack in Gabe's room with a more sturdy molly screw solution as well.