July 26th, 2007


Just gimme a damn call!

Last week I ran out of a prescription. I called OHSU to see if I could get it renewed. I left a message to have a nurse call me back on Monday. I did not hear back. Tuesday afternoon I called and spoke with the manager of the floor and told her that I still had not received a call back, that I had waited four days the last time I called, and I really needed to talk a nurse. She assured me that she would personally hand the nurse the message. No call back that day, or the next day. Today I called and spoke with a receptionist who paged a nurse directly (after I told her my story) and finally got me speaking with someone who could help.

The nurse had no problem calling in the prescription I needed. I think the call with the nurse ended up being a whole two minutes long. I had to call three times, on three different days, and speak to four different people just to get a two minute conversation with a nurse?

I asked to speak to the manager again because I wanted to complain that it took four days to get a call back. She suggested instead that I call the patient advocacy line for the hospital and explain it to them. I called and spoke with a very nice lady who promised to talk to the manager of the digestive health floor and figure out what is going on. When I told her the last two times I called it took four days to call back she was quite surprised. Hopefully something will get fixed so I can get simple questions answered, or a prescription without having to wait so long.