February 7th, 2007


Of Star Wars and its greatness

Jason loaned me a Star Wars book while I was in the hospital. It ended up being really good and got me in the mood to dust of my original trilogy DVDs and watch them again. They really are some great movies, but as I watched them something occured to me. As good as the original trilogy was by itself, it's made about a hundred times better when you get into the expanded universe of the books and comics. There is so much story there, and character development that it really adds to your enjoyment of the movies.

That said I just watched Episode 1 tonight and I had a MUCH different take on it this time. If you throw away the twenty years people waited for Episode 1 after Episode 4 and just take it as the place where Star Wars started it's actually a really good story. Jar Jar isn't quite as annoying as I remember him, and I actually really liked how Jake Lloyd played 10 year old Anakin. Overall I enjoyed Episode 1 much more after you put it in the right context. Plus it introduces my favorite Jedi: Qui-Gon Jinn.