February 2nd, 2007


I hope they take pesos

Angie told me we got a pre-bill from OHSU for my colectomy and it's for $37,000. That's not counting this hospital stay, or my second colon surgery later this year.

Hopefully my insurance covers most of that.

Home from the hospital... again

I just got home from another hospital stay for an "obstructed bowel" this time. I really can't win with this whole colon thing. Even from beyond the grave it's causing me problems. So far this year I've spent 12.5 days in the hospital. Considering we're only 33 days into 2007 that translates to 37.9% of my year so far spent in a hospital. Ugh.

Ostomy attack!

themabbi sent me this crazy ostomy story. It's a lot of work to remove your ostomy bag, and then throw it at someone. Not to mention then your probably covered in your own poo and leaking all over yourself until you can replaced. I think I'd rather just tell the cop my name!

Officer assaulted with colostomy bag

A teenager stopped by a police officer at the Grand Avenue Mall as a suspected truant became disruptive and threw his colostomy bag at the officer, department spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said this morning.

The officer was responding to a truancy complaint at the downtown mall Monday at 1:17 p.m. and stopped the youth, who refused to tell the officer his name or age, she said. The suspect then became disruptive and threw his colostomy bag containing bodily waste at the officer.

A colostomy bag is a worn outside the stomach to collect feces, generally following colon surgery. Schwartz said the assault is considered an "injury to an officer" because of the potential harm from contamination.