January 23rd, 2007


National Gorilla Suit Day is coming; go bananas

I officially survived my colectomy. I'm now officially one major organ down from where I started the year. Overall the surgery went well, and I'm recovering quite nicely. Short of not having a lot of energy, I'm doing quite well. I'm a lot more mobile than I thought I'd be (just not a lot of up and downs) and I feel pretty good. So I'm just slowly recovering, getting used to a lifestyle change, and getting psyched about my second surgery in about seven more weeks.

Homeowner finds bucket of guns

My buddy bigj is so whipped... he finally admitted how whipped he is.

scott@jabber.perturb.org/Home: She doesn't let you get that close!?!
scott@jabber.perturb.org/Home: She is your finacee right?
scott@jabber.perturb.org/Home: time to put the hammer down
BurgerSlayer: hahaha
BurgerSlayer: she doesn't let me have a hammer
scott@jabber.perturb.org/Home: HAHAHAA
BurgerSlayer: i saw it once
BurgerSlayer: it looked like some fun