January 7th, 2007


Maine decides that Santa's Butt is clean enough

Friday night I came home to determine that my dishwasher was dead. It wouldn't pump any water into the tank. I could hear it turn on but it wouldn't do anything. It was old an nasty and I didn't want to mess with it. On Saturday we decided to get a new one. I called themabbi to help me rip the old one out. It ended up being easier than I though it would be.

After that we drove to Sears, bought a new one and themabbi helped haul it to my place. After much chanting of "thread the bitch" when we couldn't get the pipe to attach we finally got it. Wasn't really very hard at all, not to mention that Jared did most of the work. So now we have a bigger, more efficient dish washer. Other than the $300 I'm out, I'd say I'm pretty happy with the whole situation.