July 25th, 2006


Senior Hezbollah official's reaction to Israel's unexpected response to kidnappings: "D'oh"

This past weekend when the weather was approximately 800 degrees we were hanging out on my patio sweating. bigj got tired of sweating and decided that he could MacGuyver up a mister out of a box fan, a ladder, and my garden hose. Ultimately I'd say it turned out pretty damn sweet. I had the great idea to use the BBQ tongs as a platform to get the hose farther in the front of the fan. It worked pretty well, wheezer got totally soaked by it! Baby Gabe liked it too, you can hear him laughing in the videos.

Also bigj has chest hair that looks like the Phoenix!

Like traffic cops, air marshals being forced to meet monthly quota

To beat the heat last weekend we headed out to Washington Square to see a "master lego builder" build an eight foot tall alligator. I wasn't sure exactly how that would work. Were they just going to have some guy behind ropes working on a massive alligator for three days? How exciting would that be to see? Or more importantly how exciting would that be to do!

When we got there we could see lots of tables surrounding the center (half built) alligator. They had a scale model of the alligator to view, and the tables had lots of legos scattered on them. They had the crowd building larger "bricks" that would then be used in the bigger alligator. This way the crowd got involved and it took pressure off the "master builder" as the center of attention. It was neat to see, and it got a lot of people involved.