July 13th, 2006


There's a time and place for nudity, the train line is not one of them

I get this random IM from an ICQ number I've never seen before. This is "her" information:

UIN: 288916040
Nick: zhuang
Gender: Female
Birthday: 09/19/1981
Age: 24


Additional Information:
ϲ»¶Ô˶¯Ð¬µÄÅóÓÑÇëºÍÎÒÁªÏµ! if you like gym shoes. contact to me !

I thought for sure she was a bot but she's not! Check out her website it's totally crazy! It's like a shrine to gym shoes!!!

Her: HI
Me: HI! I read you profile that I should talk to you if I like gym shoes. Boy did you come to the right person. I *LOVE* gym shoes. Do you also love gym shoes?
Her: YES
Me: What's your favorite kind of gym shoes? I like all kinds of gym shoes, I don't think I could pick just one could you? When did you first realize that you love gym shoes? I like red gym shoes a lot.
Me: Does it have gym shoes on it? That's all I'm really interested in. I'm a shut-in, so all I do all day long is read the interweb sites about gym shoes. I really like Converse. Do you like Converse? Or are you a Nike fan instead?
Her: YES
Her: http://ptzyy88.photo.163.com
Me: Why aren't you answering any of my questions about Gym shoes? I really don't want to visit your site I really just want to talk about gym shoes. What kind of laces do think are best on gym shoes? Do you like high tops?
Her: I LIKE THE air spring shoe
Me: Is that a high top or a low top? I think I like high tops more than I do low tops because they offer more ankle support. Do like real leather in your gym shoes or is fake leather ok? How many pairs of gyms shoes do you own?
Me: I used to have lots of gym shoes but my brother (whom I live with) threw them all away after my accident. He thought that just because I can't walk it means I wouldn't need gym shoes. Now I don't have any gym shoes at all. So I just have to look in the interwebs and find gym shoes. Maybe someday he'll give me money and I can buy some gym shoes again!!!!11
Me: I don't have any money right now. Unless!!! Maybe you can talk to my brother? He has all the money that I need to buy gym shoes :( He's a very mean person but maybe you can talk to him? Tell him I need gym shoes right now! bradwhit2 on AIM!
Her: bradwhit2 on AIM! ABOUT THE SHOE PHOTO