July 7th, 2006


Tastes like chicken!

Angie and I are down at the beach. She made delicious chicken squares for dinner and then we went down to the beach so Gabe could play in the sand. I've spent most of the evening trying to find a clear shot to the "Sea Sprite Inn" so I could borrow their Wi-fi. It's one block over from my Grandfather's beach house. Unfortunately it's JUST far enough away to not be reachable from his front porch. Right now I'm across the street sitting in the shade of the neighbor's lawn with a better shot at the hotel.

There are about five open access points down here, but SeaSprite seems to be the best shot right now. Just to clarify I'm not really a super geek, that I have to have Internet access at all times. I was just curious what the state of Wi-fi was down here with all the vacation homes. Plus it's nice to know I could still do some work in an emergency :)