June 10th, 2006


Armed robber sues auto store employees for beating him with a metal pipe when he tried to rob them

This is a test of Performancing For Firefox which was recommend by the one and only Wil Wheaton. If it's good enough for Wil it's good enough for me. Right now baby Gabe is on the floor enjoying a bottle, Angie has some delicious smelling chicken cooking for dinner, and we're getting ready to go to church in a little bit. Nice little Saturday, we may even go to Bed Bath and Beyond!

On a colon related note my colon seems to be doing much better. I'm feeling better overall after my visit in the hospital, and the prednisone really seems to have calmed down my stomach so that's good. I have another four weeks of prednisone to take though (you have to step down 10mg a week until you're at zero), but I'm pretty sure I'm be 110% before then. I'm still a little short of breath at times, it's sort of hard to bike to work. Hopefully that will pass soon as I think it's just a remnant of being so dehydrated last week.