May 14th, 2006


Blowing your self up at a wedding after getting rejected by the bride is not a smart idea

I just finished reading Catcher in the Rye again. It's such a good book, it's one of those books I think I'll read once a year. It's barely over two hundred pages its easily readable in about four days.

The first time I read it I was in High School and I really related to Holden. He's basically this kid that hates everything: school, his classmates, his teachers, and life in general. As a teenager in high school it's pretty easy to think the world is out to get you, and nothing is good enough. Now that I'm 27 I look at that kid and realize that he's just a punk teenager with nothing to complain about. He has several teachers that are genuinely concerned with his welfare, his family is semi well off, his parents care a lot about him, and he's going to fancy private school.

Good book, I recommend it.

Heck's Angels scooter driver subdued by angry mob after terrorizing German town

We had a little Mother's Day BBQ for Angie's side of the family. It was the first time we got to see Luke since he got out of jail. Luke got in a fight with his brother because his brother was going crazy and Luke was protecting his neices. Warning shots were fired, cops were called, Luke went to jail (for two and a half days).

So Luke tells this great story about his cell mate talking about how he used to do meth. Apparently this guy figured out a safe way do meth. Apparently if you have a radio handy you can tune it to the Christian music station, then disconnect one of the speakers, put the speaker wire into the meth (with the music still going) it makes the meth safe. God's healing power travels down the speaker wire into the meth and makes it safe! That's so awesome, I'm totally gonna go do some!

Luke also mentioned that you have to freeball while you're in the pokey. Apparently they issue you a blue jump suit and that's it. Sick thing is you have to turn them in when you're out. So they just wash those and give them to some other dude. I don't want my junk rubbing where some other convicted felon's junk rubbed. Ew!