December 10th, 2005


Montreal has sold out of yellow rubber ducks

I was changing the baby today and while his diaper was off I noticed that he had a little diaper rash. So I reached up and grabbed the diaper rash cream and looked back down. As I was going to apply it I noticed that he had three drops of pee on his shirt. I thought, "I really should get his diaper on quick," and I looked up and his face was dripping wet. He had peed all over himself in the 4 seconds it took to get the diaper rash cream. He peed in his own eyes! I laughed and then he started to pee again! I had to cover him up real quick, and then we went in the bathroom and gave him a bath!

As a side note Jolt Cola and Vodka is a very dangerous combination. We did a little of that last night and I got way drunk! I think all the caffeine really made the alcohol hit me faster... Wow. No good!