December 1st, 2005


Father teaches his son the importance of gun safety by shooting him in the leg

I've attached a photo of me snowmobiling to work today. After yesterdays talk of snow on all the major news networks I made sure to have my snowmobile oiled up before work today. Good thing I was prepared because when I got up this morning I couldn't see anything but white!


Just kidding. Of course it didn't snow. It never does when those "weathermen" say it will. Those guys are clown shoes I tell ya! This morning on the news was great they had people out on the streets all around town looking for the snow. "No snow here on 82nd Ave..." and it cuts to another anchor, "All things are looking clear over hear in Wilsonville" and on and on and on. Seriously get your crap together before you predict some snow. It would have been different if they had said "chance of snow" but everything I saw was saying pretty much the whole city could expect a couple inches.

I'm not bitter... I'm really not!