September 26th, 2005


The treadmill, I'm not gonna lie, is the equivalent of throwing metal and horse shit into a blender.

The colonoscopy this morning was pretty painless. I had to wear a hospital gown with no pants on and I all I could think about was that my piece was rubbing where some other dude's piece has probably rubbed. Not a good thing to be thinking right before a procedure. After they wheeled me in to the room they administered the anaesthetic and I was out. I wasn't supposed to be knocked out, but I must have been pretty tired.

Next thing I know it was over and we were headed home. The colonoscopy found that I ulcerative colitis which basically means that my colon has an ulcer(s). It's a life long ailment, so I may end up taking pills for the rest of my life so I'm not totally miserable. On top of all that it also significantly increases my chance for colon cancer at some point in my life.

At least I have some pills to relax my stomach now, so hopefully they will help. I have to take three pills, twice a day. It's looking like I'll have to take at least some pills everyday for the rest of my life too. Woohoo!