June 13th, 2005


(22:16:57) mrwiz: but she was hawt and wanted me to pee in her butt

So I'm in Seattle and boy is it glorious let me tell you. The ride up seemed a lot shorter this time because I had someone to talk to. Much better than trying to listen to the radio and having it cut out every 10 minutes because you're farther down the freeway. The hotel we're staying at is infitely better than the one we stayed at last time. Lyle said any hotel that gives you a free USA Today can't be all bad. This place gives you a free USA Today AND a free New York Times. Probably the first time I've read the paper version of the NYT, I'm used to having to give a username and password to read their stupid content!

I did lock the brakes on the company car and skid about 10 feet in downtown Portland. I was looking at the sign and not the light and almost ran a red light. Hopefully Lyle brought a change of shorts because I'm sure he needed them after that. Tomorrow training at 9am. Least I can sleep in a bit, the training place is like 300 yards from the hotel.

gorgonous said that while I was gone George Lucas would probably announce and release Star Wars Episode VII for a one night show, just to spite me. It wouldn't surprise me one bit. Seattle is out to get me I think, keeping me from all the good geek stuff.