June 10th, 2005


Hello crap, meet pants!

I can't believe Warner Brothers finally got their heads out of their butts and decided to release Branagh's Hamlet on DVD. It's been held up in legal junk for the last five years or so. Kenbranagh.com is totally dedicated to the Hamlet DVD release right now, I'm stoked. More information is available on the Hamlet DVD site. Along with a cool email from Warner Brothers stating their intentions. Woohoo, I can't wait until 2006!


Stressed-out worker arrested for making 4,000 calls to bank just to hear women's voices

Yesterday was our montly Operations Luncheon at work where they ply us with delicious food and then give us work information. Yesterday we had BBQd burgers and sausages, and they were good. At the end of the meeting there were a lot of left overs because attendance was down. gorgonous and I immediately thought of bigj because he's always hungry. So we made him a super-burger with five cheese burger patties and then surrounded it with four sausages. Mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm good.