May 30th, 2005


Man Creates Cockroach Controlled Cyborg

Looks like the house across the street did finally sell. It's been for sale for at least 12 months, but after the fourth of July debacle I wasn't too unhappy that it hadn't sold. Yesterday the new family was moving in and I went over to meet them. I guess the house sold to a real estate investor who then rented it to this new family. Mark (the new renter) told me that the previous owner got well less than the $300k he wanted for the house. I felt a little better after hearing that.

Funny thing is Mark asked me if I knew the previous owner. He said that he's a "mental health professional" and he got a real manic vibe from the inside of the house. I guess it was decorated really sporadically and in weird colors. I laughed and said it wouldn't surprise me. Mark seems like a cool guy, and he thinks the previous owner was manic. That makes him OK in my book.