May 16th, 2005


And now for something completely different: Man begs for UFO to take him

So there is this Microsoft employee Robert Scoble and he's a blogger. I think Microsoft is trying to put a friendlier face on their company so he makes all these blog posts about what Microsoft is doing and how they're not evil. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, plus it gives us plebians a good view of what's going on inside the guts of Microsoft. So I'm flipping through his blog today and I realize that's it's not even noon yet and he's made 12 posts already today. I'm trying to figure out if this guy gets any work done, or if he just blogs all day long about everything. Good lord that's a lot of blogging!

Update: He made a post while I was writing this... he's up to 13 posts in one (half) day!

Update #2: HOLY CRAP! He has two blogs... Scoble's Link Blog, and the other blog has 10 posts in it so far today. That guy's a machine!