April 30th, 2005


Man approaches undercover cop, tries to trade t-bones bone tease

It's midnight right now and I'm drunk from voltron tonight oh yes. Next month I'm going to be in Seattle on business. Unfortunately it's on May 19th when Episode III comes out. I can't miss the opening night midnight show, that would be tragic. I must find someone in Seattle to attend the show with me. All my Oregon friends are gonna go, we must has Star Wars symbiosis and go to the movie at the same time in different states. The force (not gorgonous) demands it.

My long time friend Jason Doolis emailed me out of the blue tonight. I guess he dropped of the face of the earth due some new ninja training he's into. At least that's the excuse he sent me for not talking to me in such a long time. If you ask me, it's that chick he's been "hanging out with," I think her name is Jenny or something. Of course he would never admit that, he's a "deadly ninaj." Whatever dude. It was good to hear from him at least.

Don't go burninating the countryside without a genuine Extra Large Trogdor Hoodie

Angie and I went to the Clackamas County Fairgrounds this morning for the annual garden festival they were having. As we were wandering the aisles checking out the various plants I hear someone says "Trogdor Rules!" So I look over and it's a kid about 12 years old and he's looking right at me. I remember that I wore my Trogdor Hoodie so I look at him and say, "Yes... yes he does!" and then walk away.

It's good to see Trogdor getting the respect he deserves.