April 16th, 2005


Rapper DMX will be riding his BMX after crashing his BMW into the NYPD

scooty came over today so we could make a trip to ye olde comic book shoppe and on my way out the front door I noticed a small line of ants. After trailing them I found out that these were most likely the ants that have been exploring my windowsill every so often. Out came the ant powder to keep them from getting in my house. After we got back from the comic shop about an hour later there were quite a few dead ants on my porch.

Since it was finally not raining I decided to get out my sprayer and spray the rest of my foundation with some leftover Diazinon. About halfway around I broke the air input into my sprayer. I had to tear it apart and tech it up, but I finally got the washer back on, and it properly oiled. Now my foundation is properly sprayed, hopefully it will keep the ants out of my kitchen. I don't know what it is about this house but it's been especially ant prone ever since I moved in.