March 10th, 2005


Dave Matthews Band bus driver pleads guilty to pooping on tour boat


This message is for anyone who Tivod, Mythd, Downloaded, Taped, or otherwise intends to watch the episode of South Park from last night (titled: "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina") but has not done so yet. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT watch that episode. I'm a guy that's not easily grossed out, but I had to turn that episode off after 90 seconds because it was so unnecessarily graphic.

The episode opens in the hospital where Mr. Garrison is about to undertake some surgery. The doctor asks, "Are you sure you want to get a vaginaplasty." After Mr. Garrison confirms he wants that procedure the episode cuts to real footage of a surgical proceeder where the patient's scrotum is sliced open and the testicles removed. While I understand that South Park often goes the "shock" route for a lot of its comedy, that was just unnecessary.

Call me a wuss who can't handle real surgical footage, but I highly recommend you skip this episode. There are so many other good past episodes you should be watching instead. I think the part of the episode that actually caused me to turn it off was when the doctor squeezed the scrotum like one squeezes a pea pod to get the peas out. Seeing that testicle pop out was just a little bit TOO much.