March 3rd, 2005


Germans discover the cabbage-hating gene

After I got home from work I heard the deep growl of Russ's truck as he was headed down the street. About thirty seconds later my cell phone rings and Russ asks, "Why is your neighbor up in that big tree between your houses? Looks like maybe he's trying to get down his cat or something?" So I go outside to check on it and sure enough my neighbor and his son are about 20 feet up in this huge fir tree that's between our two houses.

I guess his son had never climbed a tree before so he decided to show him how it was done. I thought it was kinda funny at first until I noticed the dad was up in this tree, hanging from a branch by one hand with the other clenched around a Coors Light. How funny is that.

In his defense he's a really nice guy, and an extremely dedicated dad. It was just a funny situation.