February 1st, 2005


AP falls for picture of a 1/6-scale GI Joe action figure portrayed as American hostage (496) Sky.co

I'm an extremely nostalgic guy so maybe that's clouding my vision, but I still think Doom is an excellent game. I just finished reading this absolutely excellent book Masters of Doom which is all about the rise (and fall) of ID Software, and Ion Storm. As well as the careers of John Carmack and John Romero. Needless to say I loved the book. It totally brought me back to 1993 and my old 486. How many countless hours of my youth were spent playing doom, or downloading some new .wad file to try out?

So after reading the book I really wanted to play some old skool Doom so I fired up AMule and downloaded all the old Doom games (Doom, Doom ][, Ultimate Doom, etc), and then found prboom so I could play them on Linux. Doom is going to be 12 years old this year, and it's still a really fun game. With a modern engine it's still totally playable.

Anyway, if you were into Doom, or John Carmack, or any of that old gaming stuff I highly recommend you check out Masters of Doom.