November 30th, 2004


If you're going to rob a sex shop, don't fill out an employment application beforehand

On my way out of work today I see a coworker walking back towards the building. I made a joke about her walking the wrong way (back towards the building) after 5pm. She laughed and then strangely asked me if I ate lasagna and tater tots. This totally caught me off guard, so I just asked her why. She said that her husband drives a refrigerated truck and if they aren't able to make a delivery they sometimes allow the drivers to take home extra food instead of having it spoil. Well apparently he wasn't able to deliver lasagna and tater tots and he had about seven cases to get rid of. He wanted to give it to a shelter but the shelter he called wasn't open and he was stuck. She ended up giving me two six (6!!) pounds lasagnas, and about five pounds of tater tots. Wild.