November 9th, 2004


Japan sets up field hospital for sexually deprived women

ScottICQ: Do you think any of the Jedi ever use their powers of the force during sex?
Potsie: I don't think Jedi's are supposed to have sex.
Potsie: They are kinda like Priest's
ScottICQ: What?
ScottICQ: Really?
Potsie: Do you think the Jedi council ever had to deal with Jedi Knights touching their padwans inappropriately?
ScottICQ: That's a gip
ScottICQ: I bet you Mace Windu is a huge pedo
Potsie: Well Luke gets married in some of the EU novels.
Potsie: But the Jedis of the old republic weren't aloud to have wives.
Potsie: That's why Anakin had to get married in secrecy.
ScottICQ: That force mind control could get you some sweet tang
Potsie: Yeah but that would be using the dark side.
ScottICQ: Ya but the dark side get my wizang some attention!
Potsie: I thought we were talking about Jedis, not you.
ScottICQ: I was speaking about myself as if I were a jedi
Potsie: If you want to have a serious conversation about Jedi ethics then let me know. If you want to play around then we can end this conversation right now.
ScottICQ: because I don't have dark side power
ScottICQ: ass
Potsie: Hehe.