October 28th, 2004


Neighbor foils armed apartment invasion with samurai sword

As if I needed any more reason to not vote for Bush. I did some digging today and found that GeorgewBush.com is running Windows and IIS 6.0. What is that guy thinking? He can't even get a decent IT guy to tell him that's not the way to go?

Now my man Kerry knows what's going on! His site JohnKerry.com is running RedHat Linux and Apache. There's a candidate with a good IT team backing him up. I think the facts speak for themselves. I simply cannot support a candidate that would chose IIS.

Hungary bans sale of paprika. George Soros to start $24 million ad campaign to protest

I just ran the latest stats from my election poll. While George Bush doesn't want us to forget about Poland, they sure want to forget him! In fact it appears Kerry is winning pretty much every where. I don't think my poll is indicitive of the population as a whole however. whitaker was quick to point out that my poll doesn't take in to account the "Redneck Factor."

Kerry 10 (83.3%)
Bush 2 (16.7%)
Poland total: 12