August 29th, 2004


People, as they say, can get used to anything even the sight of a grown man with a boner in a diaper

I just got done making approximately 60 ounces of Thousand Island dressing using the world famous Baker family recipe. I would have made the full 68 ounces (32 ounces of Light Mayo, and 36 ounces of Ketchup) but the mixture was getting a little too dark. Basically it's about equal parts ketchup and mayo or until it's about the right pink color. Add in milk, salt, sugar, and lemon juice to taste. Mix it all up and pour it back into the mayo and ketchup containers. Oh so good!

I wonder where Thousand Island gets its name from. I imagine some pirate cruising around on his boat stealing all the salad dressing from each island looking for the best one! I'm sure the real story is a lot more mundane, but I like to imagine my salad dressing has some sort of pirate related background.