August 12th, 2004


When the judge starts crying, you know you're going to jail for a really really long time

So my brother called me from the army base today really pissed off. He was supposed to come home this weekend for a couple days of leave but it got denied. I guess he put in his request for leave, and went back to the guy's office the next day and the guy was gone but the paperwork said approved on it. So he bought plane tickets to come up, but when he checked officially with the guy the next day he said it got denied. I guess it got denied because he's not a high enough rank and it't not an emergency. He said that several other guys that are his rank (P4) are going home this weekend for non-emergency situations anyway.

So now he's stuck on base all weekend because he didn't get a pass to get off base because he planned on coming up here. Apparently if you want to be off base you have to petition for it by Wednesday at 1pm. So now he's stuck on the base all weekend with nothing to do because he's only a P4, which means he can't have any of this own electronics. So he's got no cell phone, no GameBoy, no CD player, no nothing. They have a rec room with a bunch of stuff in it, but I guess you can only spend so much time in it. I guess he got triplicate copies of all the paperwork because if you don't keep a copy of all the requests you make they find some weird way to mess with you. Take more leave then you should have been docked etc.

Now he wants me to find him some Magic Cards on Ebay and get them shipped to him overnight so he'll have something to do this weekend. Now I just have to find a good price on some cards, and someone who'll ship them over night!