August 2nd, 2004


"I feel like I'm in a Where's Waldo book written by the devil" - Ned Flanders

Today I paid ($543) the Fire Department for coming out to put out the fire on the fourth of July. Hopefully this will keep us from having to go to court at all. My lawyer is working with the city attorney on that, so I'm hopeful. Next we'll just have to pay the lawyer and we can put this whole mess behind us. I'm glad it's over. The silver lining to this otherwise crappy cloud is that a couple of the bushes that were replaced across the street are already dying. I feel guilty in taking pleasure in that, but it's the little things you know.

I just got done organizing my Uncanny X-Men. Basically I put them all in plastics doubled up and put them in a order. It was mostly done before, but now I've merged my two collections and they take up less space. My order should arrive on Wednesday which should be quite exciting.

Now I think I shall catch up on my X-Factor as I've already read all the American Gods I need to today.