June 6th, 2004


Red bulls gives you wings, and I just flew into the ceiling fan

Today was spent mostly dodging the rain. Since the rain ruined my plans to mow the lawn, I decided to stay in my (dry) garage and build a structure for my beans. I busted out my sawzall and my dremel tool to convert some PVC pipe into a bean apparatus. Then Scotty and I made a trip into Gladstone to check out the card store (which was closed) and GI Joes to look at tennis stuff. I had planned on mowing the lawn and playing Tennis today, I accomplished half of one of those. Scott and I were able to sneak about a half a game of tennis in before the rain came back and ruined it.

Since I was pretty much stuck inside with all the rain today I caught up on my comics (mailordercomics.com was good to me this month), as well as the new H.P. Lovecraft book Joe bought me at Powell's the other day. There is some really cool X-Men stuff going on it the comics right now. There are three brand new books out this month: Astonishing X-Men, Xcalibur, and New X-Men. That's not counting all the other X titles going on, all of which tie together which is way cool.