January 6th, 2004


Stolen fiberglass pig is returned to owner, anus unscathed

Wow today is mad crazy icy everywhere. We probably got freezing rain for a solid six hours today. Everything is coated in probably a half inch of ice. My mailbox was covered in ice, I couldn't get the thing open. Today we closed the office at 1pm so people could go home. I wasn't worried about driving at all, getting the six blocks home is pretty easy.

Angie called me at 5pm saying she was stuck at work and couldn't get home. After calling a bunch of people I had to call Russ since he has a monster truck that can get through anything. We did get there and pick her up, but we had to leave her car there. She'll have to take my car to work or something tomorrow.

As we were watching TV tonight we heard a big crash and I went outside to check on it and part of the tree in my side yard snapped off. There is a tremendous amount of weight in just ice on the branches and a huge one broke off. That will be fun to clean up when everything is all thawed.