December 22nd, 2003


bradwhit2 9:17 AM: i don't want to be the jo guy

Just got back from a little Voltron where I got some sweet pre-Christmas Christmas presents. Ben got me a sweet Lord of the Rings hardback set, and Jason got me some money Gameboy Advance games. I've been playing Pokemon Pinball all night. It's a sweet pinball game, I'm pretty stoked.

We also did "secret santa" at work today and I got the sweet hookup on 7-11 and Hollywood Video gift cards. I was a little dissapointed that Jared couldn't find a Hello Kitty gift card like I got for him :)

Lastly I started re-reading the new Gunslinger rewrite last night and it's really badass. I'm really enjoying it. I'm hoping I'll get the next Dark Tower book for Christmas so I can roll right over to that. Life is good!