December 4th, 2003


If McDonald's wont' give you mayo, try running over the manager

themabbi had some Blazer suite tickets that he needed to use so I got to go to a Blazer game last night. The suites they have at the Rose Garden are really nice: private phone, private bathroom, leather seats, etc. Very nice. I guess Ben's dad got tickets from a board member but couldn't go to the game. I told Ben we should extort some snack money out of him by threatening to ruin his reputation. I told Ben I'd wear my "No fat chicks" sweatshirt with the PBR stain on it and my alligator skin boots. No luck though :)

Overall the game was pretty craptacular. For about the first 80% of the game we played like total crap: missed shots, missed rebounds, no energy. With thirty seconds to go we were down by five and the stadium started to empty out. Somehow we lucked into a tie and some overtime then we came back to win in overtime. It was a pretty good game overall.

You'll notice how I said "we" when referring to the Blazers. That's because I really feel like part of the team. I am the sixth man, as the announcer to adequately put it.

Burglar breaks into locksmith business

So a couple of weeks ago we had to order a software "unlock key" for a switch that we have here at work. The switch we had already had the software needed to do what we needed, we just needed to unlock it. So we spent $714 to get the unlock code which I assumed they would just email me.

I got an email all right... Except they told me to expect it via UPS in a week. I emailed back saying that I couldn't wait a week is there anyway they could get it to me via email. They said for security reasons they couldn't. So we were forced to wait a week and this is what came. It was a gigantic box, probably about a foot cubed. Inside that box wrapped in an excessive armount of bubble wrap was another smaller box. That inner box was sealed shut with packing tape. Opening up the smaller box revealed a little tiny index card with some simple instructions and the unlock key number.

The most wasteful thing I've seen in a long time. And it took a little more than a week to arrive.