November 30th, 2003


James Brown takes out full page ad in "Variety" to announce his divorce.

So I was at the store today and I wanted to pick up some vanilla pudding. I hit the pudding aisle and I found a plethora of delicious pudding goodness. I quickly locate the vanilla section and horror strikes me. There are two (2!!!) kinds! There is instant, just add water and you have pudding, and the kind you have to cook.

Despite the obvious fact that the instant stuff is done much quicker what's the real difference? I picked up a couple of each to do a taste test on my own. I wonder if there will be an real noticable difference.

On a side note I got most of my Christmas lights up. I need to buy some more now, I put up all the lights I had (800+) and my house could still use a couple more strings. I'll have to get some more in the next week or so. I also picked up a sweet (fake) tree at Freddies for $70. It turned out really nice, and it's already got lights on it. It looks pretty good in the front window.