November 23rd, 2003


Teenager spins doughnuts near Yellowstone geyser, gets stuck. Hilarity ensues

I mowed up all the leaves in my yard and cleaned up what was left of my garden today. I was also adventuresome enough to get on my roof and clean out my gutters. Fun stuff, let me tell you. I do have some moss on my roof I'll have to get some zinc or something to get rid of that. Otherwise it was a pretty bland day. I did unlock Special cup, and get gold on 150cc Mushroom and Flower cups. Oh yes!

On a completely unrelated note I came across this horoscope. This woman looks like she was run over by an eighteen wheeler and is extremely constipated. That's not exactly a flattering picture of her... Wow.

Website provides forum for you to admit to picking your nose

How cool is Stephen King? He was just given an award from the National Book Foundation and he sorta told off the critics who never give him any play because he's a popular writer.

"Nor do I have any patience with or use for those who make a point of pride in saying they have never read anything by John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Mary Higgins Clark or any other popular writer," he quipped. "What do you think? You get social academic brownie points for deliberately staying out of touch with your own culture?"

I highly recommend reading the article, it's pretty good.