November 17th, 2003


Clippy will be a helluva lot more polite, when you're pointing a Rail gun at his paperclip arse.

Today was spent doing the following: sleeping in, driving up and down 82nd avenue, and playing Mario Party 5. The plan was to pickup Mario Cart and play it today, but it appears that no one had the game despite the release date being set at the 17th on at least three different web sites. We were going to pick up Mario Cart and Mario Party but instead just grabbed Mario Party.

Nothing was accomplished all day and it was <will_ferrell_voice>GLORIOUS</will_ferrell_voice>. I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

So Ben brought up a good point today as he was looking at my DVD shelf. He held up my copy of Predator and said, "next time you watch this, remember there are two Governors in this movie." Crazy!

OH! I almost forgot, I SVGd up the cheat today. Woohoo!