October 8th, 2003


One in 12 Welsh school children do, in fact, have cooties

So Angie and I went up to the hospital last night and my dad and his long-time friend Dave Robben are there chatting with my mom. They had given my mom a bigger room, one with a loveseat, more chairs, and even a little mini refridgerator. Angie and I kinda chill for a while and give my mom the gift we brought her. About fifteen minutes after we've been there my dad looks over at me and says "do you want a beer?"

I laugh and say no... and he points at the little mini fridge. Then I realize he was being serious! So here we are, in the cancer ward of the hospital and my dad is offering me beer. I look at him and say, "you don't..." as I open the fridge and see it is full of beer. So my dad gives me this huge grin and says "they said to make myself at home." Craziness!