October 4th, 2003


.NET proves without a doubt that it is possible for an entire industry to fake an orgasm.

My dad called me tonight at about 6pm right before I went over to Voltron to play poker. I guess my mom had some blood work done yesterday and they diagnosed her with acute leukemia. So that's pretty much totally out of no where. I guess she's going into the hospital for three weeks tomorrow for chemotherapuy. I guess Angie talked to her and she has to be in a sterile environment so visiting may be extremely limited even. I guess after this three weeks worth of chemo there is about a 70% chance it could get rid of the leukemia, but even then only a couple of years. I guess it's all really too early to tell so it's really hard to say. It's a pretty big shock though.

I guess on a lighter note I got to use my new casino chips playing poker tonight. I was down almost $15 before I made a monster come back to be up $7 at the end. Ben's dad came and we had a great time, it was a good evening all things considered.

Tomorrow Ben and I trek into downtown to get my wedding ring and take pictures of my alleged parking ticket.

Latest intel from CIA is that Osama is a bed-wetter

Ben and I went downtown today. Hit up Powells with no intention of buying anything but that didn't work out. After that we went to the jewelers to pick up Angie and my's newly resized rings. I have my bling bling back, oh yes!

My dad called saying that he just got home and they admitted my mother to the hospital and put in a catheter in some vein near her heart. I guess a catheter doesn't always go in your crotch, I've just always heard it used that way. I think Angie and I will have some dinner and then head up to the hospital to see how she's doing. Little strange talking to my dad on the phone because he was sounding a little bit rattled today, well yesterday too. That guy is the fucking rock man, he's never worried like that. When his dad was sick and dying he was fairly unemotional. That's just how he deals with things I guess. Pretty hard to see him get rattled like that.