September 29th, 2003


Creative ways to annoy your ex. No. 34: Marry four women at once

So yesterday scooty, potsie, and I went to the paintball field previously mentioned by Scott. It was pretty cool, the course is really cool, there is a lot of cover. So the course is pretty cool, but the people that were playing there were a little suspect. There were probably 25 people playing and 20 of them were under 16. They're little punks and they're stupid. They weren't interested in safety at all. No barrel plugs, masks weren't worn all the time, they just weren't very smart about things. It was however free so it was decent.

They only play on Sundays though and he said if we just let him know we could use it on another day. So I'm thinking we need to get a group of us together to go out there on Saturdays and we'll be fine. If we could get 6 or 8 that would be perfect. So that means wheezer, davidfrey, and gorgonous if you were thinking about getting a gun now is the time. All we'd have to pay for would be whatever paint we wanted to use and CO2, so it'd be pretty cheap.

So after paintball we went and saw "Once Upon a Time in Mexico." I think Isaac put it best when he said the movie was disjointed. After that we went to Bullwinkles and played some mini-golf. Dave/Stacy played skins mini-golf against Angie/Me for $1 a whole. Unfortunately we lost $3 to those guys. It was a well played game on both sides, but I think we'll be able to take them next time.

Sharon Stone and her husband to separate, like her legs in a movie

So I come home and my wife has the CSI computer game sitting on her desk. This is the woman that was complaining about only having $48 until the end of the week, but that's ok. So she starts to install it and I check the system requirements. She has an older system (333 mhz) but it should at least meet the minimum requirements.

Later she asks me, "Will my video card be big enough." In some weird way that's really erotic.