September 20th, 2003


Police baffled when speed camera captures bare ass doing twice the speed limit

I used to have a glass top kitchen table and these weird metal chairs. After I got the tile in the kitchen I got rid of the metal chairs and the glass top table in favor of a more tile friendly table and chair set. Really the metal chairs were just scratching the tile. So I had this pretty massive piece of glass that I didn't want to get rid of because glass table tops are really expensive. Well Angie came up with the idea to get the glass cut to fit our new table and we'd just set it on top.

So I kept the glass, it's been sitting in my backyard for probably three months waiting to be measured and cut. Well my parents were over the other day and he asked about the glass, I told him I'd been busy getting married and it wasn't a real priority. He took a look at it and thought it might be smaller than the new table and wouldn't fit. So we decided to measure it and see if it would fit and it ended up fitting perfectly. I didn't even need to get the glass cut! So now our nice new table has protective glass on the top and it looks really nice! Talk about lucky.