September 12th, 2003


Man jailed for starting fire to avoid sex

You know it's a good trip to the liquor store when they have to give you a box to carry your purchase out the door. I just got back from getting liquor for the party at Voltron tonight, and I must say I did quite well. I got a bunch of stuff that we've never heard before. It's a veritable cornucopia of liquor. I'm excited to inbibe much of it tonight.

I'm gonna miss whitaker though, I've never seen a guy take a shot of "cock juice" quite like he did the first time we met him. Nor have I ever heard a guy talking about jo'ing for a solid thirty minutes. He's good people. I hope he comes back and does another internship so we can party/drink/camp/paintball again. This is for you buddy...


Czech man tricked into giving girlfriend his sperm

We're all totally over at Voltron right now having a totally bomb ass party for my boy whitaker. It's a totally awesome party and I'm pretty buzzed. brad and evan are here and they translated Rammstein. I guess Du Hast is a wedding song, but it's about a guy who says no to his girlfriend. Bad ass, I love Rammstein. I totally want to watch my Rammstein Live Aus Berlin DVD now. ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!