August 22nd, 2003


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So all my buddies at work are totally and completely awesome. Well except Jason, Jared, and Justin... Those bastards have had me snowed about this paintball store that was "going out of business" for an entire month now. I should have known better than to trust those guys :)

We had been talking about buying guns and playing more paintball. Well Jared had convinced me that there was a store going out of business in September and we could get a good deal from him. Jason and Justin totally backed him up. Well it was all BS because they bought me a sweet ass Spyder Imagine and a bunch of accessories for a wedding present.

They did a sweet wrap job on the box of "TPS Reports" one of which said "All your base..." It was badass, I'm totally stoked about it. I think I will thank them all when I pelt them with paint :)

You guys rock!