August 17th, 2003


Cardboard ad of beer-toting model flies twenty combat missons with Air Force

So whitaker and myeulogy are totally chilling right now at Voltron. I'm getting drunk, but I'm nowhere near as drunk as Amanda!!1 She's totally badass and hardcore like that. Apparently we popped her tequila cherry tonight. She's had two shots and a beer and a quarter and she's Jason Dietz drunk! That's REALLY drunk!

So we're chillin' and having a badass time! Apparently whitaker needs some help in bed or something. I'm not sure, that's just what I hear y0.

My blood hurts!

Potsie 11:29 PM: Too bad you can't pee on your own pee emitter.

Wow... angzc is totally drunk right now. There was a badass pre-wedding party at Voltron tonight at which Angie got WAY drunk. She got there about 11:00pm and was totally and completely drunk by 1:30. Like pukey, mouthy, not-gonna-remember-this-tomorrow drunk. I finally got here home and she's just complaining. I'm trying to clean her up, and get her to drink water and all she's doing is arguing with me about how she doesn't need any of that. She has to work at 11:00am tomorrow so she's gonna be hating life. Wow... crazy times.

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Wow I am so burnt or dead right now. After playing baseball yesterday I got a pretty massive sunburn on my face and the backs of my legs. I'm hoping I wont be totally peeling for the wedding, that would suck!

Today was a day of recovery and rest after the massive kickass party we had last night. I slept late, took a nap, and otherwise just watched TV all day. Luckily for me it's about 8,141 degrees in my house right now so I'm sure sleeping won't be a problem *sigh*

davidfrey has a window air conditioner for me that I really need to get off my butt and pick up.