August 13th, 2003


If you live near Kingman, AZ and are missing your penis, the water treatment plant may have it

So the boys and I took another Trek to meet Wil Wheaton tonight who is still one of the coolest guys I know. Despite being a child star, and being semi-famous, and being surrounded by huge Star Trek geeks for most of his life he's really pretty normal. He's funny as hell, he's a good story teller, and he's a pretty decent writer to boot.

Since I'd already bought and had him sign my book last time I took some wallpapers from for him to sign instead. Last time I saw him he had a Strongbad pin on that I commented on and he went on a HSR rant for a couple minutes so I thought the HSR wallpapers would be a good touch. He seemed to enjoy them and signed both the ones I gave him in a typical Wil Wheaton humorous manner. Wil rocks man, I totally dig him.

I'll have to put up my HSR signed prints in my cube tomorrow, they will make it all that much better! Yay! The best thing was the HSR story he told us while he was signing out stuff. I guess the HSR runner guys made a little cartoon for Wil on his birthday where they basically said "Happy Freaking Birthday Gordy Lafores..." Totally awesome!