August 4th, 2003


Mom locks daughter in car trunk while visiting husband in prison

So I just got back from the bank where I was trying to withdraw $60. Simple right... go up to the ATM, put in your card, withdraw $60, walk away. Total time taken .4 seconds or so. Well I get to the withdraw $60 part and the machine just whirs and no money comes out. For thirty seconds or so nothing, then an error on the screen "Sorry ATM unavailable try again later" and it spits my card out.

Suck! I really need $60 so I'll have to go inside. Go inside, wait in line for three minutes, hand the lady my card explain I need $60 because the ATM is down. She punches some things on her computer and hands me a receipt for $5. I said, "I wanted $60" and she tells me that US Bank has a policy that if at any time their ATMs are not available they credit you $5. So I get $5 credit in my account and then she gives me the $60. So I made $5 today, woohoo!