July 24th, 2003


When confronted by cops, drunk and pantless priest repeatedly asks them to give him blowjobs

I added Sex and the City to my Neflix queue probably three or four months ago. It's been winning some awards and I'd never seen an episode so I thought it'd be worth watching. The first DVD arrived the other day I think I burned through six episodes in two days. Everyone thinks I'm totally gay for liking that show but I still contend it's a pretty decent TV show.

It's basically about four hot New York chicks who like to go out to fancy restaurants, drink, and have a lot of sex. There's the occasional boob shot to spice things up sometimes which keeps things interesting. Plus it's a good relationship show, they do a good job capturing the dynamic of a grown up relationship. So critics be damned, I like Sex and the City and I'm proud of it!